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My photographic journey began when I was in school, taking snapshots with the family Kodak Brownie box camera. My interest grew after my parents gifted me a Yashicamat medium format twin lens reflex and I soon discovered the joys of working with B&W in a home darkroom - a dark bathroom rather! When I went abroad to work, I plunged all my savings into a Nikon F3 Professional outfit, which I continue to use today.I have been a Nikon man all my life and the photos you see have been taken with with Nikon FM2, F3, D70, D200, D90, D3000, D7000,D700 and D800E FX DSLR bodies and professional lenses. Of late I have been shooting with a Mirrorless Fujifilm X100s often.Quite a few photos have been shot on film and transparency and scanned on to digital medium later on.

I am now passionately documenting the human condition - after having been there and done that with other genres in photography, my pursuits with the camera are now deeply embedded in street photography.

My other interests include Nature conservation , Bird watching, Gardening, Travel, Formula 1, MotoGP, Collecting scale model motorcycles, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Target shooting, Motorbiking, Dogs, etc.

I sing and play the guitar and have played with stage bands. I teach guitar and photography in my spare time

I am associated with:

Life member - World Wildlife Fund

Life member - Madras Naturalists Society

Subscriber member (Since 1985) – National Geographic Society

Life Member- Photographic Society of Madras (a 150 year old institution and the oldest in India)

Member - People's Photographic Society, U.K. - www.photosociety.net

Former Trustee – Chennai Snake Park Trust

Chennai Rifle Club - keen target shooter- Won Bronze medals in 2000 and 2004, Tamilnadu Shooting Championships.

Admin Manager, Guitar and photography facilitator - The Learning Community @ Quest, Palavakkam

My wife Sumi and Son Rishabh share my interests and are very supportive of my pursuits.Hope you enjoyed browsing my site!

Rags Raghavan

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Multi- talented is an understatement! What ELSE do you do :)
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Wow! YOU are quite something!
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