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Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka forms a portion of the Nilgiri Biosphere and the River Kabini bisects the dense forests of Bandipur and Nagarahole. We stayed at the Kabini River Lodge at the edge of the jungle and made our forays into the forests twice daily

Game movement was in plenty in the month of May and the evening rains had washed the forests green and devoid of dust.

From the confines of a jeep, there was little room for creativity with the camera and what I saw was what I got! I am also a strong adversary to Tiger tourism and I have tried to show as many facets of Nagarahole as I could

This photo essay is best seen in sequence starting form the first image. Clicking again on each picture enlarges it further.Music plays in the background in slideshow mode!

An overview of the Kabini RiverPastoral scene near NagaraholeLife around KarapuraThe forest that hides many secrets...A pair of Blue JaysCrested Serpent EagleCrested Serpent EagleBrown Fish OwlJungle FowlFlamebacked WoodpeckerWhite Bellied Sea Eagle at lunchWhite Bellied Sea Eagle at its perchCrested Hawk Eagle in pre-flight checkAt the riverside wharfCharging Tusker......a mock charge, or the real thing?....He's almost on us..In your face mock charge!Close encounters of the herd kindCross tuskers

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Guestbook for Kabini/Nagarahole Revisited
Kunal Sharma, Jungles Lodges and Resorts, Kabini(non-registered)

Just got a look at your photographs as we were struck out of this world by a lighting strike last week. They are beautiful especially the ones where we get to see our landscapes from a completely beautiful perspective.

Thanks and Regards,
Raghunath Singh(non-registered)
Loved the images, especially the white bellied sea eagle. Great job in capturing habitat images.
India Venkitachalam(non-registered)
Hi Raghavan,

What amazing pictures. This brought us a lot memories !
Vinita Ramachandran(non-registered)
As usual… Awesome !!

Sidhartha Ramachandran(non-registered)
Great Rags! Really great photographs!!
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