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With 42 deg.Centigrade in the shade, sweltering dry Central Indian heat, coated with red dust,and getting tossed around in a jeep, our group of highly resilient folks made it to Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra in April 2013 and came back in one piece!

Tadoba welcomed you with bird calls and the trees, lakes and meadows were full of them and we confined all our birdwatching from moving jeeps. The trained guides at Tadoba knew their birds and the trees, and had eyesight that could pick out birds from places where other birds couldn't find birds! Like the Sandgrouse and the Nightjars that were so frustrating to spot while they perched on the ground only a few feet away.

Several packs of Wild Dogs, herds of Chittal and Sambhar, Wild Boar, Gaur and Sloth Bears later, we saw the Tigers.The rest is told in this illustrated narrative below.

This trip would have gone nowhere without Pritam Kukillaya and his organizing capabilities and personal touches - we are grateful to him! Special thanks to some of the participants with whom great companionship and endless laughter ensued..

Rags Raghavan
A slice of forest behind the resort where we stayedGaur graze on the shores of the Erai lakeCotton pygmy goose in flightThe entrance to Tadoba from the Moharli gateTadoba lakeCicadas on a tree trunk.Ghost tree ( Sterculia urens)Orange-headed ThrushWhite-eyed Buzzard 1White-eyed Buzzard 2A Nightjar snoozes in the shadeAnother Nightjar, wet from the night's rain, sits on her chickPainted Sandgrouse - trying finding both!Painted Sandgrouse, maleHovering Black-shouldered KiteJungle OwletPond HeronA panorama of Telia lakeGaur - 500 kgs of bad ass beef that you don't mess with..A drongo perches on a Gaur

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Dr. Gowri Mallapur, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust(non-registered)
Amazing pictures. I loved the panoramas and the black and whites,
The tiger pictures are fabulous. Brought back some fond memories of Tadoba where I did a project on the Forest Dept. elephants very long ago.

Sriram Janak(non-registered)
Hi Rags

Just went though your Tadoba photos. Beautiful as always...covering not only tigers but all the other little things which we normally do not SEE
Thanks for sharing
Take care
Praveen Velayudhan(non-registered)
Excellent photos. Loved reading the captions - well edited
Beautiful pictures, Rags ! Thanks for sharing!
Julien Boule(non-registered)
It's great, thanks for the report and pictures!
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